What is the link between a conservation project about the frog Psychrophrynella illimani and the word ‘jampatu’? Psychrophrynella illimani has no English name and using a website with a difficult scientific name for external communication did not seem a very good idea. To be honest it took us quite some time too, before we could correctly spell the name of this lovely creature, After some brainstorming and considering our target public – the people from Bolivia – we agreed on the name ‘jampatu’, which is the Quechua word for ‘toad’ in Bolivia. Choosing for a “broader” name we also have the option to include other future conservation efforts about amphibians under the same name/website.


And to be clear from the start: we are not linked in any way to the “Centro jambatu”, an Ecuadorian based conservation initiative for amphibians (the Ecuadorian Quechua word for ‘toad’). But of course we fully support the wonderful work they do (visit their website)!

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altiplano (c) Arturo Muñoz